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Chicago Law Offices of Andrew Hays

Hays Firm LLC is a law firm located in the heart of the Chicago Loop. The firm works with both individuals and businesses to solve problems related to the operation of small businesses, estate planning, asset protection, and the distribution and management of assets upon an individual's death. At Hays Firm LLC we endeavor to establish long-term relationships with our clients that do not end after the completion of any one specific legal service. Instead, we hope to create an ongoing dialogue with each client in order to help them avoid potential conflicts and meet their professional and personal objectives through the most efficient means possible.

Hays Firm LLC's areas of expertise include the following:


Hays Firm LLC works with a variety of different types of businesses in order to help small and medium-sized business owners to: properly set up the appropriate business entity; effectively negotiate the contracts that are essential to the functioning of the business; and efficiently handle business-related disputes which may include litigation, where necessary. In addition to task-based services, the firm provides a unique arrangement to local businesses through our Business Service Agreement which allows a business owner to have constant access to quality legal counsel on an ongoing basis for a fixed fee.


The firm works with individuals and families to ensure that our clients' assets are protected and efficiently transferred to their loved ones upon their death. These services include providing clients with wills, trusts and a variety of other vehicles in order to reach their short and long-term goals. In addition to the creation of wills and trusts, the firm provides asset protection planning services to clients in all types of situations. These services utilize various legal structures, in order to provide a level of protection for a client's property that is not possible through the use of simple trusts.


Whether a deceased individual's property was held in a trust or disposed of through a will, Hays Firm LLC works to guide representatives through the probate process and the administration of a decedent's estate


Upon an individual's death, disputes often arise among the beneficiaries regarding the distribution of various types of assets. Hays firm LLC represents individuals in estate-related litigation, including will contests and trust contests. In addition, the firm represents both beneficiaries and trustees in disputes related to a trustee's actions in dealing with trust property. These types of situations include claims regarding a trustee's failure to properly manage the trust's assets, failure to distribute trust property according to the terms of the trust, and otherwise failing to follow the terms of the trust. The firm also works with family members in order to help them through the guardianship-proceedings related to appointing a guardian for a loved one, challenging such appointment, or challenging any actions of an individual or entity that is acting as a loved one's guardian.


Hays Firm LLC's real estate practice includes the negotiation and closing of residential and commercial real estate transactions. In addition, the firm works with its client to resolve disputes related to real estate issues such as contested foreclosures, quiet title actions, and mechanics liens.

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